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Welcome to the Bandwidth Analysis Server

We hope that you will find this service helpful.

Use it to keep an eye on district traffic utilization patterns,
both for capacity planning needs and to spot unusual patterns
that may be the result of worms such as Code Red/NIMDA, or peer to
peer file sharing systems such as Kazaa, Morpheus, Gnutella, etc.
Typically, most districts will show relatively low outbound levels
(the blue line on the charts) compared to what is incoming from the
Internet (shown as green in the charts) which will be much higher.
High levels of utilization in the outbound direction are usually
cause for concern. 

Special Note:  The utilization pages are self updating. If you leave
the browser on your district utilization page, it will automatically
update every five minutes to give you a running graph of your district's
bandwidth utilization.

For districts with multiple T1s, we have also included an entry
for their router's ethernet port which will show the aggregated bandwidth 
of all the WAN circuits.  When viewing the utilization charts on ethernet, 
please keep in mind that the colors for input and output will be reversed.
From the standpoint of the router, what is incoming bandwidth for the
district, will be "outbound" for the router and will be represented
by a blue line.