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          District Bandwidth Analysis

  ABC USD 10Gbps SCE
  Accelerated Charter School 10G ATT
  ambassador HS 250Mbps AT&T ASE 
  Acton-Agua Dulce USD 150Mbps ASE
  Alhambra USD 100Mbps AT&T ASE
  Baldwin Park USD 10Gbps FTNC
  Bassett USD SUN 10Gbps TLS
  Birmingham High School 1Gbps TWC
  Bonita USD MPLS 1.54Mbps 
  Charter Oak USD 10Gbps TWC
  Claremont USD T1 MPLS
  Compton USD 1GBps AT&T
  Covina Valley USD 10Gbps SES
  Culver City USD 5G AT&T ASE
  Downey USD 1Gbps TWC 
  East San Gabriel Vly ROP 1Gps SES
  Eastside SD 1Gbps SES
  East Whittier SD 10Gbps TWC
  El Monte USD 10Gbps TWC 
  Endeavor Ann Campus 1Gbps ATT Gigaman
  Endeavor Albion Campus 1Gbps ATT Gigaman
  Endeavor Dena Campus 1Gbps ATT Gigaman
  Glendale USD 10G ATT ADS
  Gorman SD 1Gbps AT&T
  Granada Hills Charter High School 1Gbps TWC
  Guidance Charter HS 1Gbps ASE
  Guidance Charter K6 1Gbps ASE
  Hacienda La Puente USD 10G CCF
  Hawthorne SD 10Gbps SCE
  Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes Union SD 100mbps Verizon 2
  Inglewood USD 10Gbps Sunesys
  Keppel Union SD 300Mbps TWC
  La Puente ROP 100Mbps 
  Las Virgenes USD 10Gbps AT&T ADE
  Lancaster SD 10Gbps FTNC
  Lawndale SD 10G TWC
  Lennox SD 10Gbps Sunesys
  Little Lake SD 10Gbps CCF
  Long Beach USD CCF 40Gbps
  Los Nietos SD 1 Gbps SES
  Lowell Joint SD 50 Mbps TWC 
  Montague Charter Academy 1GB
  Manhattan Beach USD 10GB SCE 
  Montebello USD 50Mbps AT&T 
  Norwalk-La Mirada USD 10 Gbps SCE 
  Odyssey Charter 500 Mbps AT&T 
  Palisades Charter HS 10Gbps FRNT
  Palmdale SD 10Gbps TWC
  Paramount USD 4 Gbps TWC
  Pasadena USD AT&T ADE 10Gbps 
  Pomona School of Arts 1Gbps TWC
  Ramona Convent High School 1Gb SPTWC
  Redondo Beach USD 10Gbps Sunesys
  Rosemead SD 1Gbps ASE
  Rowland USD 1Gbps TWC
  Rowland USD-1830 10Gbps SPTWC
  Rowland USD-401 2nd10G SPTWC
  Santa Monica-Malibu USD 10Gbps SES
  Saugus SD 20Mbps OPT-E-MAN
  SCROC AT&T 100Mbps
  South Pasadena USD 1Gbps ASE
  South Whittier SD 1Gbps SPTWC
  Temple City USD 1Gbps OPT-E MAN
  Today's Fresh Start Charter School 1Gbps TWC
  TriCities ROP 20Mbps TWC
  Valle Lindo SD 200Mbps TWC
  West Covina USD 10G Sunesys
  Westside Union SD 10G CHTR
  Whittier City SD 10Gbps SCE
  Wiseburn SD 50Mps TWC